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Meet Guru Asha Ashta

Women's Weight Loss Expert

  • Women have lost upto 15 kgs in 90 Days and 35 kgs in 180 Days.

  • She is a REEBOK CERTIFIED Fitness Trainer, Pilates Yoga Trainer & Master Trainer & a Diet Counsellor.

  • She is the Founder of 'AgniShakti Asha Foundation' where she has been providing the Training for Stamina.

  • Founder of AgniShakti Yog &  Mission Nidar Naari

  • She is the Designer of the Flagship Programme Agnishakti UnLOAD which is a 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 10 such UnLOAD Programmes have already been successfully completed and the 11th Edition AgniShakti e11UnLOAD will start on 08.Jan.2022.

  • The 1st Programme had 225 Lady Participants and 2nd had 218 Ladies. The 3rd one was conducted at the Thakur College of Science and Commerce where the Teaching Faculty, including the Principal, participated. In the edition.4 programme 205 ladies participated. In the edition.5 programme 115 ladies are participating.

  • The Participants, in all these UnLOAD programmes, Lost not only their Body Weight by about 15 kgs but also their Body Fat and Inches. They became better healthy too.

    • Paralysis Gone.

    • Diabetes Gone.

    • Arthritis Gone.

    •  Cholesterol Gone.

    • Thyroid Gone.

    • Back Pain Gone.

    • Knee Pain Gone.

    • Blood Pressure Gone.

    • Migraine Gone.

    • Energy Levels UP.

    • Haemoglobin UP.

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