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Permanent Weight Loss

Personal Program

  • Total 6 Detailed Consultations are personally handled by Guru Asha Ashta.

  • Full Personal Attention by Guru Asha Ashta.

  • Full Monitoring by Guru ji.

  • First Consultation of about 2 to 3 Hours where the Myths and Doubts, gathered by the Client, over the period of time (years) and from various sources, are discussed and clarified.

  • Various Dos and Don'ts are discussed at Length

  • The Weight is Monitored Daily.

  • Diet is monitored Daily.

  • During First Session and all other Sessions, which are pre-defined and advised right at the beginning on Session-1 itself, Main Anthropological Measurements are taken and Monitored closely. 

  • The Client has full liberty to call on the Personal Mobile Number of Guruji at any time to seek clarifications, guidance and blessings.

  • 3 Packets of Sper Luxurious Bamboo Forest Green Tea is provided.

    • This is an Imperial Pluck (1 Bud and 1 Leaf)

    • Wholly Handcrafted

    • Authentic Green Tea sourced from the Finest Tea growing Rain Forests of Upper Assam.

    • 100% Organic and 100% Pure (Np Blending)

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Permanent Weight Loss

Group Program

  • This Program is for a Group of Minimum 5 Women

  • Max. Participants in the Group would be 10.

  • A WhatsApp Group will be created.

  • This Program is Conducted Personally by Guru Asha Ashta

  • A Total of 6 Discussions with the Group will be held.

  • Files and Formats, as made available to Personal Program, will be provided.

  • The Weight and Diet will be Monitored on a Weekly Basis, starting from the date of First Consultation.

  • Advise, if any, will be provided through the WhatsApp Group only.

  • Clarifications need to be sought on the WhatsApp between 12 PM to 6 PM (The Group will be opened only during this time),

  • Replies, to the Queries so received on WhatsApp Group, will be provided on the WhatsApp Group (only) on the same date.

  • There will be Weekly Live (OnLine) Sessions (on the same day when a Group created. If a Group is created on, say, Wednesday then Every Wednesday).

  • This Duration of this Weekly Session would be exactly 1 Hr. from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

  • The Questions can be asked Live, as the time permits.

  • 3 Packets of Sper Luxurious Bamboo Forest Green Tea is provided.

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