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Dieting vs. LifeStyle Changes

Before starting to state the differences, it is important to know what meaning each part holds.

Diet is one that has short-term goals with a target to achieve. It includes setting up strict rules for a specific period. Basically, it is deprivation from food. Diet is concentrated on food and revolves around the intake of reduced amounts of food. There are various types of diets for various goal-oriented objectives.

Lifestyle changes on the contrary include bringing changes in not only food but also sleep time, exercise and workout, work schedule and in the overall routine. It causes impact overall on the way of life. It changes the health, mood, and appetite. It does not focus only on weight reduction.

Now if we look at both the parts, it is important to understand that managing body weight and health together is a lifelong journey. Only following a strict diet for a few months and then dropping it would only lead to a rebound. Hence losing weight at a safe and healthy pace would be the best choice for the body. Everybody has different requirements and a diet only cannot help reduce the weight and help get in shape.

Suddenly following a diet and restricting one’s food pattern can adversely affect the body. When a person is following a type of lifestyle and then we suddenly try to change it, the functioning and balance of the body gets disturbed. Dieting can cause temporary reduction in weight due to less intake of food and calories but when you stop, you again start gaining weight.

Whereas when you change a lifestyle pattern you try being more gentle towards your body. You give your body time to adapt and change accordingly. It is a slow process of transforming the overall body into a healthier one by adopting better lifestyle techniques. It does not cause sudden weakness, mental stress and food cravings. Research has stated that short-term diets ideally cause regain in the weight once the dieting stops, that they lost while dieting.

Hence, it is encouraging to bring a good change in the lifestyle one leads. One must also think of the consequences in the future when one tries to shape their body. The ultimate goal should be to adopt health-promoting strategies for the rest of the lives. A lifestyle change helps one stay in shape permanently.

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