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Forms Of Yoga

Yoga is a complete path by itself. It means union. It brings you to the point of realization that mental, physical and spiritual practices should be a part of life. It is based on exercise and poses that promote improved control of mind and body and enhance the life of an individual.

There are many styles of yoga but there are fine major ones. Every form holds its own authenticity. It includes-

  • Ashtanga yoga- Also known as eight limbs of yoga. It synchronizes breath with the movement through the series of postures. It is a flow-style yoga with spiritual components. It follows specific sequences of postures. It can be related with vigorous workout. This type is best suited for people who are active.

  • Hatha yoga- This too includes a combination of breathing process and physical postures. The point highlighted is that this involves slow and gentle yoga postures and more relaxed style. It focuses on a lot of meditation, posture and correct breathing. It helps bring peace to the body and mind.

  • Iyengar yoga- The specialty of this form is the intense focus on the subtleties of each poses and involves the use of props such as belts, blocks, pillows, blankets, etc. which aid in learning to move into each posture properly. It is best for those suffering from any injury or chronic condition.

  • Bikram yoga- This type of yoga is known as hot yoga. In this hot yoga rooms are used which can vary in humidity and are generally heated up to 80 degrees. In this, the sequence of yoga postures is performed in the heated room. This type of yoga improved lower body strength, range of joint motion in both upper and lower body and improved body balance.

  • Vinyasa yoga-This form of yoga also links the breath with the movement of the body. The postures are done in the following sequence, which facilitates the fluid movements. It is done as moving meditation. It includes continuous flow. This type is perfect for someone looking for a dynamic and athletic form. It can also be called power yoga.

Thus, doing yoga in all increases flexibility. To be precise, it helps improve strength, posture, better the bone health, increases blood flow, relaxes the mind and helps boost immunity.

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