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Transformation of Entire Family Health: Mission accomplished with a Happy Note! e7UnLOAD!


s. Bindu Mehta | 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge Participant.

During these uncertain times, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Ma’am Asha Ashta who transformed my family's mental and physical health..

My husband and I have been practicing yoga since Mar’20. I joined the 90 days e7UnLOAD online program guided by Ma’am Asha Ashta starting 15Aug2020.

My husband, younger son and I could achieve ~15% reduction in weight, in tummy and increased energy, enthusiasm to a great level. I lost around 10 kg weight from 68 to 57.4 and reduced my waist to 33" from 39" in just 90 days.

Our pathology tests are quite encouraging and normal. Thanks to the Mantra - 'Kha Pi Ke Vajan Kam Karo' adopted by Asha Ma'am.

Another great achievement is that I didn't take an acidity relief tablet for the past 2 months which was around 10 per month. My nature is also now quite balanced as I used to get disturbed many times when an unplanned or uncertain situation arises. Thanks to Asha Ma'am.

The program is quite disciplined with wakeup at 5 am followed by a strict timeline and diet (only home food, a lot of fruits, vegetables, no sugar, honey, jaggery, no sweet...).

The Bamboo Forest Green Tea provided as a part of the program is to boost energy, honestly we didn't have a single cup of normal tea or coffee which my husband used to get a headache if he didn't have normal tea during the day.

We all as a family complemented each other through-out the program to get the desired results. BIG thank you to Ma'am.

Mission accomplished for my entire family with a happy note. And look forward to maintaining this level.


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