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  • ·This is Neither a Product Nor any Service BUT only a Prize winning Weight Loss Competition.

  • ·You are NEITHER my Client NOR my Customer.

  • ·This Prize Winning Challenge is known as UnLOAD which is a just a Prize Winning Challenge and You understand that you are participating in this Challenge as a Participant.

  • ·As such, the Challenge Programme Fee are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE AND NON-SHIFTABLE under any circumstances.

  • ·There are several videos, some on this website and on our youtube cahnnel and facebook page, which explain our Program(s) in sufficient and adequate detail.

  • ·You must understand the Program and the Challenge before making any payment for any of our program.

  • At Asha Ashta (and UnLOAD), we take pride in the excellence of results being delivered by us and assure you your satisfaction with our support. We constantly improve and strive to deliver the best experience using the technology, as available.

  • ·You acknowledge that Factors such as diet and genetic makeup, overall health, or physiological differences may influence weight loss and hence Individual weight loss results vary. As such there is no guarantee of Weight Loss or Body Transformation and participation in the Challenge does not guarantee any Weight Loss or Body Transformation.

  • ·You acknowledge that you are aware of and assume any and all risk associated with your participation in the Challenge. You acknowledge and agree that, if at any time, you experience any other problems during the contest then you should discontinue the contest and consult your doctor. You acknowledge and agree that Asha Ashta DiFi and/or AgniShakti Yog is not responsible for any medical expenses, or any other expenses of any kind, that you may incur.

  • ·You must consult with your physician before beginning this new nutrition and exercise program.

  • ·The Program would be conducted online on ‘Zoom’. At certain times there may be Technical Difficulties (like availability of the Network or its Stability etc.)

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