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2 Ultimate Exercise Workouts to Sculpt Your Abs!

There are many exercises that you can try to address your lose belly fat. But before doing any form of exercise it is important that you get yourself examined by your doctor. You must pay attention to doctor’s advice as you would not want to have heart problems trying to get a flat stomach.

Assuming that you are fit and healthy, lets get started. The primary thing you mostly do is warm up. This helps to stop any possible injury and is that reason why all sports people do a warm up routine before they are doing any style of workout. Gentle stretching is all that’s required.

Now lie flat on your back along with your hands by your sides. Take a deep breath and hold it in. Now, gently lift the upper part of your body about 10 cm off the bottom. You must be using your abdominal muscles to try and do this, not your hands. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. It may sound simple. But, go and take a look at it and see how hard this one is! Quite a bit at the beginning. But practice makes perfect and it’s an excellent tummy toner.

You may also want to fix up your bum. So lie flat on your front. Keeping your leg straight, raise your right leg 10 cm off the bottom. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly lower to the ground. Repeat for your left leg. Practice this one increasing the amount of lifts you are doing. Shortly you will have a bum a young person would be proud to have.

Be careful though. If you experience pain when exercising then this pain is often a proof from your body that your muscles are getting hurt and you should not ignore it. The no pain no gain rule does not apply in your case when you are trying to lose your belly fat. So do not try to do it yourself exercise techniques. The pain you are feeling could be a build from carboxylic acid in your muscles thus telling you that they are not getting sufficient oxygen. Never ignore it. Stop and begin again the next day.

In order to achieve that flat stomach you must also exercise your back and neck muscles. This may facilitate that you achieve a toned body from head to toe so that you look better in your bikini or swimsuit.

Add in some walking and skipping with your lose belly fat exercises and you should attain a sexy figure very quickly.


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