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30 Days Weight Loss Challenge | 30D5UnLOAD | Starts 01.02.2021 | Win Cash Prizes upto ₹.25,000/*

Ealry Bird Discount of ₹.3,000/ | Pay ₹.2,999/ Only till 20.Jan.2021
Guru Asha Ashta | Women's Weighy Loss Expert

Register Now to Avail 50% Discount. Pay Only ₹.2,999/ upto 20.01.2021 as the Early Bird Fee, instead of the Regular Fee of ₹. 5,999/

Register now!

Only ₹.2,999/ Till 20.Jan.2021 (Early Bird) Regular Fee- ₹.5,999/

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30D5UnLOAD is a 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge, primarily, through Meals (Diet), Food and Nutrition and various Fitness Exercises, with a view to Achieve Holistic Wellness. It aims to achieve overall fitness: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional, for blissful healthy living.

1.1. Eat Regular Meals: The Meal Plans which would be shared with you during this Program are such that you would make No Extra Efforts. Whatever you regularly cook for your family as a regular meal would only be suggested in my Amazing and Magical Meal Plans.

1.2. Eat your Favourite Foods. Yes, you got it right. You will not have to compromise with any of your favourite foods. You will be able to eat whatever you would like and still achieve Weight Loss in a Healthy way.

1.3. All my Meal Plans are based on my Concept of “EAT MORE NOT LESS”. You will never be hungry again. You will Eat to Lose Weight. That would be so unbelievable and miraculous.

1.4. AND Finally,

.1. You will challenge Yourself to Stop Fighting FAT, permanently, for your Whole Life.

.2. You will challenge and encourage yourself for motivational disciplined lifestyle

.3. You will challenge time management.

1. Challenge Program Deliverables:

1.1. The Following would be the Challenge Program Deliverable, including, but not limited to, the following:

.1. 1 packet of Bamboo Forest Green Tea to each participant. [The Packet will be free-delivered within India only]

.2. 1 packet of Bamboo Forest Green Tea to each Winner (all individual of the Group Winner) and Lucky Prize Winners at the time of Prize Distribution,

.3. An Exclusively designed Fitness Program, spread over the contest period:

At Least Four Diet Workshop Sessions (at 08:00PM)

01.02.2021 | 07.02.2021 | 14.02.2021 | 21.02,2021 | 01.03.2021

Exercise Regime, by expert Trainers to suit 30D5UnLOAD, at least for 18 Days during this Program, i.e.

5 Days a Week Monday to Friday. May be on Saturday too.

Yoga: About 60 to 90 Minutes each : 06:30 am and 11:30 am

Vinyas Yog

Power Yog

Agni Yog 14 Step Suryanamaskar


Kundalini Shakti Awakening yog

Chakra cleaning with yoga

Bikini Body Training

Pilates for Toned and Tight Abs

CrossFit Training

Strength Training

Cardio Bhajan Yog with Music

Kickboxing for Lower Abs, Hips and Thighs

Cardio Aerobics: Muscical Exercises: About 60 Minutes: 06:30pm

Aerobic ZoomBa

Cardio DaanZ

Fitness Dance

AND THEREBY, You will Transform your life with AgniShakti Asha Ashta with

.1. New Ideas | Creativity | New Achievements | Happiness AND

.2. Finally

Happy You | Happy Family | Happy Husband | Happy Children

Happy Society | Happy Nation..

ANNOUNCING 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge- Edition 5

30D5UnLOAD | Starting on: 01.Feb,2021.

The Flagship Program of Guru Asha Ashta

Women’s Weight Loss Expert.

Here we will all groove to the latest beats

for defeating our biggest enemy; FAT

What will be the reward of defeating this enemy?

Weight Loss

Slimmer Arms

Smaller Waists

Adrenaline Rush

Higher Metabolism

Lower Cholesterol

...And Much More!

The list goes on.

To Learn More Call + 91 8433 555 553 or Visit

Challenge yourself to be Better You! Better than you are Today!

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