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Here is How to Lose Weight, Slim down and Never Regret Again!

It is now a kind of proven fact that you run a huge health risk when you are overweight. When you have an outsized waist line it also makes your shopping more difficult because you get quite a bit of embarrassment in the changing rooms. There are hardly any stylish and fashionable clothes for oversized women. You understand very well that you need to lose weight. You also know and understand that ideally you must attain your ideal weight. But, at the same time, you need to be careful about the way you plan to achieve this. The secret here is that you take things slowly. You didn't become overweight all of a sudden so you are not going to lose all those kilos really quickly. In fact losing weight at a faster rate and faster pace could create a whole new set of health problems.

First of all you must consult your doctor who will examine your body mass index. If your BMI is more than 30 then you would need to be properly supervised when you itend to undertake a new healthy living routine. You need to introduce exercise into your life rather slowly. But there is a good news for overweight women. You results will be seen very quickly. Large women tend to lose weight much faster.

If you don't want to join a gym then you do not need tp. The finest form of exercise is Walking and it is free too. While initially, you must take things slowly but soon you must start building up your speed because you need to burn calories and a leisurely stroll will not really burn calories. You will go faster when you practice regularly.

You would also need to understand your diet. This means both what you eat and also how you eat. Speaking generally we all overeat. We have almost forgotten the manner to listen to our bodies and whet the body says when we are full. We prefer to serve portions of food on big plates and we have become habituated not to leave any food on our plates. So when the plate is clean that is the time when the meal is considered finished not when we are full.

The first step in your healthy eating routine, therefore, is to control and reduce portion sizes. AND control of the portion size is best achieved by reducing the size of the plate that you use otherwise you may feel deprived of food because your food portion is not covering your plate. This may be a little mind game but then this is also your path to success. The next step is to cook your own meals because it is only then do you would know what you would be eating and what you are eating. By cooking your own meals, you will ensure that you are reducing your calorie intake without even trying. For this you don't have to be a great cook. A simple cooking would make a great meal.

Being overweight women tend to look to achieve results very quickly.By putting these above tips in place, you will certainly see the results a lot faster than you think. These small steps of successes will motivate you to continue on your pursuit to slim down and tone up.


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