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6 Easy Actions for Effortless Weight Loss

Understand these 6 easy actions which you can take to get out of the marshy lands and embark upon the journey of successful Weight Loss. Here, you will get the whole picture of the track which you will build yourself to ascertain that you reach your chosen destination.

If your height is about 5’4” then, as every other woman, you would also understand that your weight should be about 58kg. AND if your Weight is, say about 60kg then you may start feeling concerned about this weight. AND when you weigh 70 kg or more then you are aware, for sure, that such a weight may soon become a cause of overload on our knees, increased stress on our heart and thereby the increased chances of an impending heart disease. AND yes, there is an increased possibility of diabetes and also of cancer.

This is your innate desire to look more attractive and at the same time feel better but you know that when you are carrying around those extra kilos you also know all those reasons as to why you should take off that excess weight.

There may be a thousand reasons why, but it can sometimes be a real agony to get that weight off yourself. You push really hard, take every little action that is suggested to you but you can make only a little progress and soon you get that weight back again, more than what it was and much sooner than you could think.

It has been real maddening for many of you and most of you. But NOW Enough with that past annoyance, I am putting together 6 easy action steps to not only actually losing weight but keeping it off too. These are the steps which have specific focus on weight loss

1. Set Your Goal

2. Identify Your Starting Point

3. Give Responsibility

4. Plan your Actions

5. Monitor your progress

6. Initiate Corrective Actions

You will be able to melt-off all of your extra weight, with these 6 Easy Actions, in an effortless manner. Yes, that right! Weight Loss is actually that much simple. But just a list of 6 Actions is not likely to extend a help on Weight Loss. This list needs to be appropriately elaborated for all the underlying intricacies of these 6 Actions.

1. Set Your Goal

The First Step is the easiest one. This is the most Important one too. Most of the Women, who intend to lose weight, have a fairly clear idea of how much weight they wish to lose. The women also know what they wish to achieve as far their looks are concerned, the shape that they wish to achieve.

However, it is essential that you record your Target at an appropriate place, prominently.

2. Identify Your Starting Point

With a view to accurately judge your results that you would be getting, it is absolutely necessary to know and understand what is your starting status. If this aspect is overlooked then it has the potential to become the number one reason for the Yo Yo effect up and down that you may be experience while losing weight.

You fairly know that you are unhappy with how your body looks and how it feels but is important to get an accurate picture of where you are.

It is really like a road trip which you wish to take on your own to reach Mumbai. But which route you will take to reach Mumbai will really depend upon as to where you are, whether at Delhi or at Kolkata.

When you look at various options, like say an internet map, you understand that a road trip from Delhi to Mumbai will take about 15 hours to reach your destination.

After 15 hours you find yourself in a deserted placed and you do not really know where you are and you know for sure that it is definitely not Mumbai. Then you would feel frustrated and defeated. But should you give up! Giving up would not help in any manner. AND whom would you blame for such an outcome?

In such a scenario if you just take a pause and analyse the whole situation calmly then you would find your existing situation and work out another route for yourself so that you reach your destination in the best possible manner with respect to time and efforts. When you are able to accurately find out your where you were, only then you would be able to choose the most appropriate means to reach your Destination and re-estimate your time line to achieve the goal.

The Weight Loss journey is no different. Your personal physical condition may really be different in your mind than actually it is. Therefore, when you do not get your desired results as you has envisaged due to the illusion in your mind, you would get really upset.

Therefore, through actual medical and laboratory examinations of blood (for Haemoglobin, Lipid profile, Vitamin B, Vitamin D3, Thyroid etc.) you would be able to understand your health status fairly accurately when you start your Weight Loss actions.

3. Give Responsibility

For some strange reasons, basically, a lack of confidence in your own ability to lose weight you don’t want to tell anyone that you are making a serious effort to lose weight.

But it is also a fact that when you have resolved with yourself to lose weight then letting someone monitor you is the real secret weapon, an ace up your arms.

Giving this responsibility to someone else, when used intelligently, is a proven and time tested definitive turbo booster for your weight loss.

4. Plan your Actions

It has been observed that while you may make quite elaborate plan to lose weight but once the plan come to the stage of takin action then you lose the steam. This is in fact the biggest obstacle and hence the biggest challenge to lose weight.

However excellent your plan may be but it is absolutely worthless if you do not follow it.

Therefore, taking action is essential. Even baby steps at the beginning would be worthwhile and once you get going with your grit and determination then there can be no stopping.

Success, then, would only be a matter of time.

5. Monitor your progress

This is rather the easiest- both theoretically and practically. You need to be completely aware of the actions which you are taking. You need to plot your actual course on the roadmap which you have drawn for yourself. You must record not only your daily Weight but also your Food Log. You must write every bite that you bite. AND off course, review it often. The Weight Log and Food Log together would reveal the deviation. Those who do not chart their course are likely to miss their destination.

6. Initiate Corrective Actions

This requires quite a bit of an analysis but then results are highly rewarding. One bite on a Chocolate, Brown or Black, even as small as 30g can cause a weight gain of 1.200kg overnight, which may take close to 3 days to lose. Once you know the cause of the deviation then your would eat you meal consciously and the results can be unbelievable.

Since you already know not only your starting point but also the track of your results, it would not be difficult for you to understand as to what you should change and in which direction you should be going to reach your destination.

After all a great health, a great shape and the Weight Loss is all about answering 3 simple questions: What to eat, When to eat and How to eat.

With all my experience I can safely say that if your body starts to look the way you wished it to be, you would come to know of it, even if you take no measurements or weight.

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