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6 Super Easy Habits for Weight Loss

Losing excess body weight need not involve long hours of workout sessions at a gym or self-beating fad diets. Now, with the passage of time and extensive experience with several methods, most people have started to believe that without a sustainable lifestyle change, any weight which is lost during the period of extreme exercise or dieting is gained back almost immediately after stoppage that activity.

If you wish to lose weight and keep it off permanently, then you need certain minor adjustments in your lifestyle.

Alteration in these 6 following behavioural patterns can contribute quite significantly in your weight loss.

1. Sleep 7 Hours in Night.

2. Drink Sufficient Liquids.

3. Eat at Least 5 Meals a Day.

4. Eat Fresh.

5. Daily 30 Minutes’ Walk.

6. Talk to your Friends.

1. Sleep 7 Hours in Night. An undisturbed night sleep of at least 7 hours has a tremendous effect on the health, including the Weight Loss. Such a calming sleep would not only leave you full of energy for the new day, but it also helps to improve body metabolism and make it much more efficient. Contrary to popular belief the body works much harder to produce the energy when it is a resting state while asleep.

If you have had an undisturbed full night sleep then you would have much more energy and vigour which would then enable you to be more productive, efficient and effective at work.

So therefore, make concerted efforts to sleep at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep at night.

2. Drink Sufficient Liquids. Body Cells are hydrated by Liquids. Liquids also help to push out harmful toxins more efficiently. This ensures that the body remains healthy and there is ample energy. Drinking sufficient liquids, such as water or green tea, helps the cells to function at their best, effortlessly.

However, certain caffeine containing drinks, such as coffee, can increase metabolism while it is in the body, but tends to slow the body down once it leaves. Caffeinated beverages must always be consumed with a glass of water to ensure that there is no depletion of necessary liquids from the body.

3. Eat at Least 5 Meals a Day. Three Main Meals are 2 Mid-Meals are necessary if you intend to lose weight. The Main Meals include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The Mid-Meals are One, Morning Mid-Meal which is between Breakfast and Lunch and Two, the Evening Mid-Meal which is between Lunch and Dinner.

As far as the portion is concerned the Fundamental Rule is that you must eat enough to your fill your stomach. There is no need to remain hungry. Eating till you are full is the only mantra to ensure Weight Loss.

4. Eat Fresh. Eating processed Foods like Breads, Juices, Beverages etc. most of which have added Sugars etc. are some of the main reasons for unwanted excess weight. When you start eating Fresh and Natural Food items like Vegetables and Fruits, in sufficient quantities and at appropriate times then the unbelievable Weight Loss begins to happen. So, start eating fresh.

Eat Fruits instead of Fruit Juice even if it is freshly squeezed. Eat whole vegetables instead of Vegetable juice. AND the Weight Loss is sure to happen.

5. Daily 30 Minutes’ Walk. Walking is not only a stress-buster, but it is also more effective in bringing better weight loss than a 30-minute running. Here is the reason: running helps to burn calories. Due to the force exerted, while running, on these repeatedly flexing leg muscles these are quickly toned. But This is quite a significant fact that running causes the heart rate to reach to aerobic levels and therefore, when the running stops the heart rate also comes down quickly.

Walking, on the other hand, causes the heart rate to reach to the fat-burning level. Any activity which is performed at the fat-burning level has a longer-lasting effect. Thus, while the leg muscles are flexed and strained less during this walking period of 30-minutes, as compared to running, the heart rate will stay at the elevated level for a much longer period of time.

6. Talk to your Friends. Stress is known to have quite significant negative physiological effect on the body that results into fat storage in the cells, especially in the abdomen area. Lowering even a small amount of stress can simply and quickly decrease fatty deposits on the body.

It is also essential to take care of the even the smallest items on the to-do list else they would pile up thereby causing undue stress. Making a call to Friends and Relatives is known to cause some happy moments and thereby lowers stress.

In Order to ensure that these lifestyle alterations become permanent, these need to be practiced with loved ones and friends. Adjustment with any lifestyle change can be much easier if there is a friend with whom this wonderful journey of weight loss can be shared and it really helps to keep each other on right track.

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