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How to increase flexibility?

When you are planning on working on some part of your body, get your body in shape or get more flexible, it is very important to target the right muscles. There are certain muscles of our body that need to be given more attention since they are tighter. Since most of the hours of our day we spend sitting in a place, we tend to feel bloated from within and inflexible.

Flexibility cannot exactly be defined but it means that your body easily stretches and can bend easily without problem. It is not necessary that if one part of the body is flexible, the whole body is flexible. It can happen that one part is fully flexible and the other is stiff. The main solution to increase flexibility is to do a lot of stretching. The stretching exercises help ease the muscle and lose its stiffness.

Even trying to do hobbies like dancing, yoga, Zumba or any sport surely will aid in increasing flexibility. If someone is not interested in doing exercises for stretching, then they can try such different and fun alternatives that can keep up the cheerful mood and at the same time is beneficial for our body.

It is possible to achieve proper health through consistency and following proper routine. It is very important to remember a few things before to include when you try to make the body flexible that are

  • Warm-up before the exercise

  • Long stretching, static pose stretches

  • Give body a massage once in a while

  • Give the body enough time to sleep

  • Relax in between

  • Stay hydrated and try maintaining a proper diet

Even stretching daily for 15-20 minutes would be the stepping-stone towards gaining a flexible body. The stretching should be done systematically in such a way that you start with the head and end at the toes. This ensures that every part of the body and every muscle is equally cared about. Some of the exercises are-

  • Low Lunge

  • Scissor stretch

  • Pigeon

  • Standing Quad Stretch

  • Kneeling Calf Stretch

  • Wall Chest Stretch

  • Side Stretch

  • Cow-Face Arms

  • Supine Twist

All of these make sure that every part of the body is stretched. The above-mentioned exercises are very easy and it would hardly take 10-15 minutes to do it. The flexibility of the body gives many health benefits such as less pain of the body, improves the body posture, provides greater strength to the body and gives a positive state of mind. Hence, one should make sure that they do the stretching exercises regularly to avoid body complications and live a more healthy life.

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