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How to Reduce Sugar Cravings?

Have a constant urge to have chocolate or ice-cream from your fridge?

Or, Do you have a sugar tooth?

Do you know the harm it causes to your body? Yes, one teaspoon of sugar every day, every morning in your tea/ coffee can cause you enormous problems in your lifestyle.

The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calms and relaxes the mind and body.If we consume these in a limited amount it is good for the body, but the problem comes when we involve in sweet treats every now and then.

It has been told by experts that consuming large amount of sugar is the main reason for obesity and many chronic diseases. Sugar has many disadvantages that include increase in weight, increased risk of heart diseases, acne, accelerate skin-aging, risk of cancers and so on. Here we have listed some ways you can curl your sweet cravings. The ways are

o Hydration- First things first, intake of water is very essential. More often than not, we confuse one thirst for cravings. The fact known is our body is almost made up of water and we need water for everything. Reduction in water results in cravings, which leads to sugar cravings. One may also keep a bottle of water next to us and drink water every time they feel like having something. If we add a few tablespoons of lemon with it, it can reduce blood sugar level and can be great job.

o Choose quality over quantity- Learning to incorporate small amounts of sugar in the diet and put more focus on filling the stomach is very important. Less amount of sugar can be taken to satisfy the craving but keeping on having sweet only because you love it is not the right thing.

o Eat Regularly- Eating food at regular intervals of time and add fruits to the diet. It curbs the urge of having sweet at the same time it is healthy too. We must start our day by having wholesome breakfast. We should also start increasing the consumption of more natural food and less of processed food. Try setting times for the meals and try to stick to it.

o Rewarding- It is also a part of the diet that we take a day off from the routine and have a cheat day. It is important to reward yourself after following a great schedule. It proves to be a success in moving a step further.

o Mindfulness- Sugar levels are overall associated with stress. An increase in stress hormones may cause the extreme desire to consume sweets. Therefore, it is important to practice meditating or exercising regularly to help manage stress and maintain peace of mind. Taking a walk also helps to ease tension.

o Sleep cycle- Lack of sleep may also lead to sugar cravings. Getting a good and a peaceful sleep is the key for the body and mind to function properly and regulate the body hormones and smooth functioning.

Cutting down sugar might be difficult not impossible! Try cutting down the sugar slowly and steadily which will help you to monitor your sugar craving timings and reduce your weight.

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