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We all know that exercise is helpful and has numerous health benefits, but we do not know what exactly does it help and in what ways. Our bodies are designed in such a way that only regular exercising and active movements can facilitate good metabolism and a fit body.

To understand the basics about exercise and routines, one needs to have a prior knowledge about the three parts of it.

They are:

  • Aerobic exercise- This type of exercise gets the heart rate pumping and makes breathing harder. When the heart and lungs receive regular aerobic exercise, they get stronger and the risk of many health problems is cut from their life.

  • Strength Training- The muscles of all parts of our body require regular exercise in order to keep up the muscle flexibility. The muscles support our joints and stronger muscles help prevent injuries. Building muscles helps in losing calories and maintaining healthy weight as it uses energy to burn up the fat.

  • Flexibility Training- Our overall body flexibility is also very necessary. For the proper stretching and bending of the body parts, it is important to be flexible.

Regular exercise not only helps one lose weight but also to improve mental health and mood. It keeps the thinking, reasoning, learning, perception and grasping skills sharp. A great exercising schedule improves sleep and increases the chances of living longer as it reduces risk of sudden death due to heart diseases, cancers or any other form of disease.

To keep exercise as a part of regular life schedules, we must make everyday activities more active, make ourselves more cheerful and happy and keep track of the progress.

One must enjoy the process of exercise and fun. If one does it forcefully or under pressure, that is having no willingness, it does not make a great impact on the body. You in a way attract positivity while staying healthy and improving the lifestyle. It is not necessary to do tedious training; just a regular exercise schedule can help a lot in the betterment of body weight and health. Exercise maintains muscle mass and weight loss. It builds bone density. Involving in a regular exercise schedule increases the body energy level, so one feels less fatigue and lethargic. Hence, it is utmost necessary in today’s time to maintain a healthy body and stay fit and for this, a regular exercise schedule is important.

We here at Asha Astha help you achieve your fitness goals and mindsets. Join us for 360 degree change in your fitness and health lifestyle.

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