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New Beginning this New Year21 | Yoga, Cardio Aerobics Zumba | 3 Times a Day | 3 Months | ₹. 5,000/

When this Year 2020 is coming to a Close on 31.Dec.2020, I Convey my Sincere Gratitude for your overwhelming support throughout these years, and especially during COVID-19. We couldn't have been here without your tremendous love.

I believe that you have had immense health and wellness benefits* with these Free Yoga and Fitness Classes and Tips on Nutrition and Good Food.

*I have put in a lot of time, money, resources, and efforts* to build your holistic health; Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. *BUT I have much larger Mission* and much more and bigger things to do.

To Achieve this mission to *impact and empower 10 Lakh Women* (10,00,000) within the next 3 years (31.12.2023) would not be possible with these free classes.

Therefore, It does *not* seem *possible to sustain these Free Classes* anymore.

Moreover, there are expenses towards resources and *trainers who are putting in lots of efforts for your Well Being*.

*Beginning From the New Year* 01.Jan.2021, there will be *only a Nominal Fee* to attend these *WorkOut Sessions* for training with us.

Any One Class for 1 Month- ₹.2,000/

Any One Class for 3 Months - ₹.4,000/

All 3 Classes for 1 Month- ₹.4,000/

All 3 Classes for 3 Months - ₹.5,000/

With this little Fee We would continue to exist for longer and will sustain this small organisation with the big mission of better health for you and your family and society at large.

You can Register for these WorkOut Sessions by Clicking/ Touching the Link below:

*We Run the following Yoga and Cardio Fitness WorkOut Sessions* Classes

*06:30 AM : Yoga Classes | Vinyas | Power | Pilates | Fusion*

*11:30 AM : Yoga Classes |*

*06:30 PM : Cardio Aerobics | Zumba | Fitness DaanZ | ZoomBa*

Call +91 8433 555 553 (Call N WhatsApp) should you want to know more.

To *Attend all these 3 Sessions Free for 1 Calendar Month*

invite at least *100 Female Friends* to the following

Facebook Group (Only Women Private Group)

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